Custom development refers to the process of creating software, applications or systems that are specifically designed and developed to meet the unique needs and requirements of a particular client or organization.

We undertake the complete process of custom development involving several stages, including:

  • Requirement gathering
    The first step in custom development involves gathering requirements from the client to fully understand their needs and specifications. This can include identifying the functionality and features that the software solution must have, as well as any constraints such as budget or timeline.

  • Design
    After gathering requirements, the development team will create a design for the software solution that meets the specifications and requirements of the client. This involves creating user interface designs, workflows and data models, and other aspects of the system architecture.

  • Development
    Once the design is finalized, the development team will start writing the code and building the software solution. This involves using programming languages, tools and frameworks to create the functionality and features of the system.

  • Testing
    During the development process, the team will test the software solution to ensure that it meets the requirements and specifications of the client. This involves various forms of testing such as unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing.

  • Deployment
    Once the software solution has been developed and tested, it is deployed to the client's environment. This involves installing the software solution and configuring it to work with other systems and processes in the organization.

  • Maintenance and support
    After deployment, the development team provides ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the software solution continues to meet the client's needs and specifications. This may involve fixing bugs, providing upgrades or enhancements, and providing technical support.